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Wireless surveys are an essential part of designing and deploying a wireless network. These surveys help ensure that the network provides the desired coverage, capacity, and performance. Ekahau is a popular tool used for conducting wireless surveys. Below are key steps involved in conducting wireless surveys using Ekahau.

Before conducting a wireless survey using Ekahau, it’s important to make some preparations. This includes determining the survey area, identifying potential sources of interference, and configuring the survey settings in Ekahau.

To conduct the survey, walk around the survey area with an Ekahau survey device, such as a laptop or tablet, while the Ekahau software records the wireless signals. The survey device should be carried at a height that is representative of where the end users’ devices will be used. It’s important to survey all areas of the survey space, including areas where the wireless signal may be blocked or attenuated.

The next step is to analyse the results. This involves using the Ekahau software to generate heat maps and other visualizations that show the signal strength, coverage, and other characteristics of the wireless network in the survey area. The analysis also includes identifying any areas with poor coverage or high levels of interference.

Optimization and improvement recommendations can be made to the wireless network design. This includes identifying the best locations for access points, adjusting transmit power levels, and optimizing channel assignment. The Ekahau software can be used to simulate the effects of these changes on the wireless network performance.

In conclusion, conducting wireless surveys using Ekahau is an essential step in designing and deploying a wireless network. By following the key steps of pre-survey preparations, conducting the survey, analysing the results, and optimizing and improving the network design, you can ensure that your wireless network provides the coverage, capacity, and performance that meets the needs of your organization.

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